This repository contains a collection of Homebrew (aka, Brew) "formulae" for Atlassian
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@dvdsmpsn's legacy version of Atlassian Homebrew Tap

This repository contains a collection of Homebrew (aka, Brew) "formulae" for Atlassian. Brew is a simple package manager for OS X that's based on Git.

Traditionally, Brew packages are managed centrally at To update packages, a package developer has to send pull requests to update their packages to new versions. Recently, however, Brew added a feature called Tap which makes it possible to install packages from remote Git repositories. This Git repository is Atlassian's Homebrew Tap.


With Atlassian Plugin SDK 5.0.0, they've moved to Maven 3.2.1. That's nice, but what if you need to continue support for a legacy version of Confluence or JIRA? If you've installed Atlassian Plugin SDK 5.x, then you're screwed.

This version is for the legacy users. It works nicely with Confluence 4.x.

Update: With Atlassian SDK currently at 6.2.x, I've added support for v6.1.0 & v5.0.x


First, add this tap to your Brew:

brew tap dvdsmpsn/tap

Next, draft from the tap:

brew install dvdsmpsn/tap/<formula>

Third, enjoy your new brew.

Need to swap between versions?

brew uninstall dvdsmpsn/tap/<formula-x>
brew install dvdsmpsn/tap/<formula-y>

Atlassian SDK 6.1

brew install dvdsmpsn/tap/atlassian-plugin-sdk-61

This will install Atlassiain SDK 6.1.0

Atlassian SDK 5.0

brew install dvdsmpsn/tap/atlassian-plugin-sdk-50

This will install Atlassiain SDK 5.0.4

Atlassian SDK 4.2

brew install dvdsmpsn/tap/atlassian-plugin-sdk-42

This will install Atlassian Plugin SDK 4.2.x running off Maven 2.1.0

Maven 3.2.5

brew install dvdsmpsn/tap/maven325

This will install maven 3.2.5

Contributing Formulae

Submit a pull request (just make sure you follow the Formula Cookbook) or create an issue.