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Easy SSL setup for MySQL
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This is a tool to help and configure MySQL for use with SSL

It will create a certificate authoritity in /etc/mysql/ssl and generate a keypair for the server and a keypair for the client.

It will generate the server and client options which must be added to your configuation.


usage: [-h] [--config CONFFILE] [--ssldir SSLDIR]

Manage SSL Certificates for MySQL

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit --config CONFFILE --ssldir SSLDIR

You'll need to do a chown -R mysql:mysql /etc/mysql/ssl to make sure MySQL is able to read the key files.


  • Python 3 (or Python >= 2.7)
  • pyOpenSSL
    • Ubuntu: python3-openssl
    • Fedora: python3-pyOpenSSL

Python version

It is made for Python 3.3, but it should be able to run on Python 2.7. You'll need to prepend python2.7 to the command (python2.7 ./

The ConfigParser module in Python 2.6 does not recognize the "allow_no_value" option, so Python 2.6 will not work for now.


Enable RedHat Software Collections, there you can find Python 2.7 and Python 3.3


Install the IUS repo: Then:

yum install python33 python33-distribute gcc openssl-devel
easy_install-3.3 pyOpenSSL


This project is licensed under GPLv2

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