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Totem AirPlay Plugin

A FOSS Python PoC implementation of the server side AirPlay Protocol.

It announces the AirPlay service over avahi to any iOS devices capabable of
AirPlay and allows a video to be played back in Totem easily.

The playback can also be controlled from the iOS device including play/pause
aswell as seeking to certain time offsets.

AirPlay photo "playback" is not supported.

Future versions could act as a client themself and allow Totem to stream
media to iOS capable servers like the Apple TV 2 or other computers running
Totem with AirPlay support.


	Python with Avahi (python-avahi), GObject and DBUS bindings
	Working Avahi stack (


To install the plugin simply symlink the source directory into your Totem's
plugin directory.

This can be for instance: ~/.local/share/totem/plugins/airplay/

Then restart Totem and activate the plugin. Obviously Totem must be compiled
with Python support.