Website for Lara deBeyer's music studio. HTML5 + CSS + Leaflet for MapBox OpenStreetMaps.
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Whole Note Music Studio

Source code for by


  • Single page, responsive design using HTML5 and CSS3 media queries
  • Layouts for handheld, tablet, and desktop screens of 320px to 992px+ wide
  • Handheld, tablet, and aural layouts include navigation and links back to navigation after each section
  • Desktop widths utilize two columns. Contact information is brought to the top of the page and the navigation is hidden.
  • Typeset to a 24px baseline
  • Black and white print stylesheet (browsers tend to darken print colours)


  • Two-tone blue border on the left side of the screen for widths wider than 360px
  • Two sets of bullet points for list items created using generated content:
    • ♪ and ♫ for plain text
    • accidentals (sharp, flat, and natural signs) for links
  • Styled ampersands and question marks in headers
  • Mottled background for texture


Accessible in FF3.6+, IE6+, Opera 9.5+, and the latest versions of Chrome and Safari.

  • IE6 - Basic screen layout intended for handheld devices. (CSS media query polyfill disabled.)
  • IE7 - Lists styled with square bullets instead of musical notation. (No support for generated content.)
  • IE8 - JavaScript :nth-child CSS3 selector workaround with classes.
  • Webkit - extra pixel added to line-height on lists with custom font-faces using different font-weights avoided with a conditional media query on a -webkit- prefixed property.
  • The site is readable without JavaScript:
    • Browsers lacking support for media queries receive the mobile layout (with navigation)
    • Interactive map falls back to static image (both provided by MapBox)
    • IE6-8 HTML5, IE7 clearfix, and IE8 CSS3 selector polyfills not executed. NB: Internal navigation is not accessible without the HTML5 polyfill.


  • Leaflet - interactive map rendering and controls
  • respond.js - CSS3 media query polyfill