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Open source software for an open source ergometer. See for more details.
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ErgWare is an open source hardware/software platform for DIY ergometers. All of the source code is hosted here and the project itself is fully documented at my project page.


  • initial release
  • source code for ATMEGA328
  • pdf w/ circuit diagram and chopper details
  • pdf w/ details of the screenshots
  • excel spreadsheet with analytical model & data from actual erg


  • rewritten using Chibios/Nil RTOS
  • added calorie counter, timers and pacers
  • updated fonts


  1. Build your erg ...
  2. Build the chopper wheel & attach the sensor ... see pdf
  3. Customize your sensor interface circuit if needed ... get a logic level signal into PD2 of ATMEGA328 ... see pdf
  4. Build the circuit ... see pdf
  5. Measure or estimate flywheel moment of inertia & add to source code ... will make your numbers more accurate, see main.c
  6. Compile code & flash ... see makefile
  7. [Optional] compile a version of code to measure d_omega_div_omega2, get the number for your erg, put in source code as a constant & recompile. This will make your numbers more accurate ... see main.c & the excel sheet if you really want to understand
  8. Have fun!

Dave Vernooy
Niskayuna, NY
January 2017

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