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A context based task management system
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NOTE: If you are reading this version of the code, it means you have probably
expressed an interest in the forming of the project and it's fundamental
design, rather than strictly in using the end-result.  As such, please keep in
mind that this project is "not intelligent design" but rather an evolutionary
code base.  I am using this project to learn best python practices, and as such
the object hierarchy and other fundamental design elements are likely to (read:
will) change, probably drastically.  That said, the end goal is to produce a
top notch python gtk task manager.  Constructive criticism about any aspect of
the project is very welcome.


Darren Hart <>


BrainDump is a context based task manager, based largely on the productivity
tips outlined in the book "Getting Things Done" by David Allen.  Tasks are
tagged with the context in which you plan to accomplish them (Calls, Evening,
Online, Weekend, etc.).

Tasks are the leaf node of a tree like hierarchy:

Realm (Personal, Profesional, etc.)
   |-Area of Responsibility (Staff Development, Technical Leadership, Parenting)

Realms allow you to filter your view of task so that you can work with a
related subset at a time.  The area and project levels are used during the
weekly review process to ensure you are making progress on each of your

The user interface is designed to optimize the common cases, which I believe to
be viewing and checking off tasks, and populating new projects and tasks during
weekly reviews.  As such, those tasks can be accomplished without the use of
dialog boxes, excessive mouse clicks, etc.  BrainDump saves your data
automatically - so there will be no "Save" or "Save As" symmantics.

One of the key strengths of BrainDump over other task management tools is a
multidimensional view of your tasks.  Many tools offer contexts, but I haven't
found many that allos you to filter tasks by both context and project.
BrainDump provides advanced filtering which allows you to filter your data by
context, project, area, and realm, as well as textual search and date based
filters.  Future versions may included saved searches should the demand arise.

The GTD Workflow
o Use Areas to create the Someday/Maybe Lists
o Waiting/Delegated? (context, separate flag?)

python           2.5.1    I developed on 2.5.1, not sure what is actually required
gtk 2.16
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