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A toy MapReduce framework in Go
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GoMR - Goroutine based MapReduce

GoMR is toy-ish map reduce framework that can run MapReduce jobs locally across goroutines. It was written as an expriment in go, but put out here since a co-worker had asked to use it for some SmallData crunching, and I hope it might be useful to other people.

In src/example.go you can find the obligatory word counting example (that reads from stdin and counts words), but here is the gist of it:

To run a MapReduce job, you have to define a struct that implements GoMR's MapReducer interface that has:

1. A Mapper function of the form:

Map(input interface{}, out chan Record)

(Record is simply a key,value pair, where the value can be anything). The mapper takes one piece of input, and maps to to N key/value pairs, pushing them to the out channel

2. A Reducer function of the form:

Reduce(key string, values []interface{}, out chan Record)

The reducer takes a key, and a slice of values that are created by the mapper, and pushes back K {key,value} records to the output channel

3. An input reader function that returns one item to be processed (e.g. a document) per each call

Read() (record interface{}, err error)

if it returns an error, the reading stops

4. An output handler function of the form

HandleOutput(output chan Record)

This function should consume the output of the job from the output channel completely

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