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Krishi Suvidha

This is a basic application based on Hasura APIs and react-native for the basic front end needs built for usability of National Federation of Farmers' Procurement, Processing and Retailing Cooperatives of India Ltd (NACOF)


Deployment instruction

Getting the Hasura project

Just run the following commands to get the project running perfectly.

# Cloning the project
$ hasura quickstart dvk/krishi-suvidha --type free
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Deployment commit"
$ git  push hasura master

Now run the following command to get the cluster name $ hasura cluster list Sample output:

$ hasura cluster list
You have created 2 of 2 free clusters.
  # delete clusters that are not required using:
  $ hasura cluster delete [cluster-name]

Clusters available in your account:
NO   NAME        OWNER
1    advance88   you
2    conjoin72   you

Clusters added to this project:
NO   NAME        ALIAS
1    conjoin72   hasura

Here the cluster added to the project is conjoin72.

Getting the app running

To get the app running, modify the cluster name in cluster.json file in native-app folder After modification, it should like:


where conjoin72 should be replaced by your cluster name

Now run following commands to compile the native code for mobile

# changing to native-app folder
$ cd native-app
# Adding dependencies
$ yarn install
# Loading packager
$ yarn start
# Now depending on your choice ios or android choose a for android, or i for icons
$ a

Congratulations you got the app running.

Hasura APIs used

  1. Auth API We used the Auth API for the login/signup part.


  2. The Data API For storing various data and retrieving it, we have used the Data APIs This quickstart app comes with seven pre-created tables author, article (Hasura defaults) and equipments, tools, fertilizers, weather and calculator


    column type
    id Integer(auto increment)- primary key
    name Text
    seller Text
    price Integer
    imageid Text

    Here the imageid stores the file id for the Filestore API We have similar structure for tools and fertilizers


    column type
    ms Integer - primary key
    me Integer
    cropna Text

    Here ms: month starting me: month ending cropna: crop name


    column type
    cropna Text - primary key
    spa Integer
    plants Text
    prod Text

    Here cropna: crop name spa: seed production per acre plants: plants per acre prod: prduction per acre

  3. Filestore API The images of equipments, tools and fertilizers are stored using the filestore API and are retrieved using a get request with File id:

# A snippet from Toolscr
<Image source = {{ uri: "https://filestore."""+rowData.image }}
  style={{height: 220, width: (Dimensions.get('window').width-50), flex: 0}}/>

Generating the APK file for android.

For generating the apk files please refer to this page

Testing variables

This app comes with following user credentials:

username: dvk
password: 12345678

Also you could signup to create your own credentials. The source code of front end is present in the native-app folder.

The app can also be seen live here

The APK file can also be found here

The problems it is solved:

  1. Weather forecasting using Forecast api.


  1. Using Market sale.


  1. Using Seed count calculator.


  1. Predicting the right crop according to weather based on month.


Modifying the app

Head over to native-app folder and start editing the react-native code


If you find any issues/bugs feels free to report an issue [here]((

Happy Developing :) Divyanshu Kumar