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Webpack 5 Configuration

This is my personal webpack v4 configuration, that I am using for small static projects. Feel free to contribute, improve or use it for your projects.

Contains some neat stuff out of the box!

  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap with Popper.js
  • FontAwesome

What does this configuration handles?

Common for development & production environment

  • it accepts two entry points; one for the app and one for the vendor
  • it compiles everything with relative paths, rather than absolute
  • it compiles sass/scss to the css file
  • it compiles es6 to the syntax that every browser can understand
  • it contains latest Boostrap, but with entirely modular setup; you may include only the parts that you need, as you probably won't use 70% of the framework
  • it has alias as ~ for importing your js files, no more mess with directory back-levels

Development environment

  • it runs webpack-dev-server with browser-sync support
  • it builds source-maps

Production environment

  • it minifies js
  • it minifies multiple image types (gif, png, jpg, jpeg, svg)
  • it copies all web fonts
  • it minifies all json files from data directory
  • it has subresource-integrity
  • it does not build source-maps, but you may specify it on line 216 if you want them


It's pretty easy... You do not have a bunch of commands, just two of them:

  • npm run serve – to start with development
  • npm run build - to make it ready for production use