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monophonic midi sequencer
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text sequencer


This is a monophonic midi sequencer that uses text and converts it to midi notes. It does a good job making really long monophonic sequences easy to write, and is used as a live music experimentation and composition tool.


the interface is ... your favourite text editor.


You will first need to install node.js cd to the folder, and run this command:

// params: text-file bpm [grid] [debug]
node sequencer pieces/war-and-piece.txt 120 [32] [debug]

Open the text file pieces/war-and-piece.txt and edit some text, save, listen to the sequencer play the updated sequnce once it gets to your changes.

You should now have a new virtual MIDI device called "Text Sequencer", you can now route it to wherever you want.

the notes?

The letters are mapped to notes directly as their ASCII value, reference:


This sequencer does not have velocity or note length, but these are really easy to program/control yourself from your Hardware or DAW.

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