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CSS Color picker application with a Golang backend
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CSS Color Creator

Full stack application that allows users to recreate every color with a new name, not practical, but fun. Users can register a new account and create colors by tweaking RGBA sliders. The colors are saved in a SQL database, and names can be changed by original creator or admin. Be the first to discover a color and you can name it after yourself.



  • Docker
  • Git
  • Code Editor
  • Open ports 3006 and 8081 on machine

Get running

  • To get up and running clone the repository and run "docker-compose up --build"

  • Migh take a while, multiple builds may be required to get correct, (Stil learning)

What to develop

  • /api/ folder is the gobackend. please only edit *.go files.
  • /client/ folder is the frontend built in react, please only edit files in the /src/ folder
  • Currently just having fun and learning. As users enter issues they are open for anyone to contribute to.
  • Submit a pull request with information about what was changed.
  • Please add detailed comments so code can be easily walked through.
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