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MindForger is personal thinking notebook and Markdown IDE:


MindForger project motivation and inspiration:

How to install MindForger?

How to use MindForger?

What are interesting (collections of) Markdown documents?

How to clone, build, improve, research, tweak and contribute?

What's MindForger project history?

For more details see also MindForger project home

💡 click a note in the tree of notes on the left to see other sections of this notebook.

💡 click menu View/Outlines or press Ctrl+Shift+O to view all documents in MindForger documentation repository.

Made with passion for personal pleasure.

User Documentation

Understand motivation, install, configure and use:

Developer Documentation

Clone, build, improve, research, tweak, contribute:

Markdown content and examples

If you want to use MindForger as Markdown IDE/editor, then you may want to check examples of various documents (collections) below.

Simply clone Git repository and open it from its root directoring using MindForger:

  • ProGit
    • git clone && cd progit && mindforger .
  • JavaScript algorithms
    • git clone && cd javascript-algorithms && mindforger .
  • Pure Bash bible
    • git clone && cd pure-bash-bible && mindforger .
  • Awesome AI services
    • git clone && cd awesome-ai-services && mindforger .
  • Build your own X
    • git clone && cd build-your-own-x && mindforger .
  • Front-end Handbook 2018
    • git clone && cd front-end-handbook-2018 && minforger .
  • NYTimes Objective-C style guide
    • git clone && cd objective-c-style-guide && mindforger .
  • LivingSocial API design
    • git clone && cd api-design && mindforger .
  • C++ core guidelines
    • git clone && cd CppCoreGuidelines && mindforger .
  • AI computer vision resources
    • git clone && cd awesome-computer-vision && mindforger .
  • FiveThirtyEight data sources
    • git clone && cd data && mindforger .

See also awesome Markdown repositories for more examples.

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