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MindForger Credits

Written by Martin Dvorak.

Acknowledgements to contributors:

  • Vlasta 'Šaman' Hajek / (Windows port)

Big thanks to 3rd party FOSS content authors:

  • John Gruber (Markdown - spec)
  • Qt Company (Qt - lib and code)
  • GitHub (CMark GFM - Markdown rendering - lib)
  • Kevin Hendricks, Bjoern Jacke, Lázsló Németh (Hunspell - spellcheck - lib)
  • NetBSD Foundation (strptime - Windows port - lib)
  • Toni Ronkko (dirent - Windows port - lib)
  • Microsoft (getopt - Windows port - lib)
  • Jordan Russell ( - Windows installer framework)
  • Graeme Gott and Wereturtle (Ghostwriter - inspiration and code)
  • Christian Loose (CuteMarkEd - inspiration and code)
  • Davis E. King (MITIE - AI/NLP library and tools for information extraction - library)
  • Jean-loup Gailly, Mark Adler (Zlib - library)
  • David Parsons (Discount - Markdown rendering - library used in the past)
  • Google (Google C++ unit testing framework)
  • Knut Sveidqvist (Mermaid.js - diagrams and flowcharts rendering in HTML)
  • AMS and SIAM (MathJax.js - math rendering in HTML)
  • Ivan Sagalaev (Highlight.js - source code syntax highlighting)
  • Danny Allen (primary icon theme - icons)
  • Krita ( - menu icons - remixed)
  • Travis CI ( - continous integration tests and builds infra - Ubuntu, macOS)
  • AppVeyor CI ( - continous integration tests and builds infra - Windows)
  • Raimund Hocke (SikuliX- GUI automation testing)
  • Lewis Van Winkle (GENANN - minimal neural network - library)
  • Oleander Software (Oleander stemming library - stemmer - library)
  • Jamie McGowan (Remarkable - inspiration and code)
  • Andrey Smirnov (Aptly - Debian PPAs mgmt tool)
  • Apiary (API blueprints - test data)
  • Mark Summerfield (Advanced Qt Programming book examples - code snippets)
  • Andres Mejia (Aho-Corasick algorithm implementation - code snippets)
  • SQLite (main file blessing - inspiration)

See licenses folder for 3rd party content licensing details.

Acknowledgements to researchers:

  • Karel Moulik (long term vision and ideas, consultations)
  • Tomas Sieger (MindForger applications ideas, consultations)
  • Gekaremi (comprehensive AI/NLP research, ideas and suggestions)

Acknowledgements to reviewers, testers and supporters:

  • Ivan Kudibal (review, adoption and project support)
  • Stefan Pacinda (review, testing)
  • Petr Kozelka (MacBook borrowing, consultations)
  • Tomas 'Floex' Dvorak (review, testing)
  • Honza Odstrcil (feedback)

Special thanks to:

  • Bjarne Stroustrup (C++ - for inspiring visions and being the authority behind C++ language)
  • Linus Torvalds (Linux and Git - for being inspiration and strong opinions)
  • Richard Stallman (GNU and GNU GPL - for passionate software freedom activism)