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Releases: dvorka/mindforger

Smart(er) Markdown editor and macOS fixes

07 Mar 22:03
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This MindForger release brings smart(er) Markdown editor and significantly improved macOS version:

  • smart(er) editor:
    • {[("'~ completion
    • bulleted task lists completion
    • automatic bulleted and numbered lists indentation on ENTER
    • multi-line code fences completion
    • TAB indentation to SPACE @ TAB multiple
    • selected block of text rigid left/right move with TAB/Shift-TAB
  • improved macOS version:
    • from Linux style to macOS style application and Markdown editor shortcuts
    • added new menu shortcuts for actions like new Notebook and Note refactoring
    • main window is not wider than screen on the application boot
    • polished MindForger logo and menu icns icons (transparency)
    • dark look & feel theme used by default
    • Qt downgraded from 5.9.9 (security, macOS only)
  • loss of data prevention:
    • RD_ONLY file detection with warning
    • click to a preview link while editing opens dialog allowing to save changes
    • reviewed non-repository (Markdown file or directory mode) UI ensures that MindForger repository specific actions are not available and unsupported (meta)data cannot be lost
  • UX:
    • Page up, Page down, Home and End navigation in Notebook, Notes and Recent tables
    • Kanban and Eisenhower matrix selection model and navigation allow at most one row selection
    • Kanban and Eisenhower items can be moved around columns with keyboard shortcuts
    • view/edit bottom buttons work even if "double-click to edit" is disabled
    • toolbar is not hidden on window minimization and visibility preferences are correctly persisted in the configuration
    • Emacs editor keybinding enhancements: ^-y, alt-w, ^-w and alt-d
    • Vim keybinding removal
  • various other minor fixes and enhancements.

May you do good, not evil. 🇺🇦

Ubuntu PPA | Debian PPA | Windows nightly builds

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Spell check + Kanban and Eisenhower Matrix on tags + CSV OHE export + µ terminal

26 Dec 16:41
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This major MindForger release brings:

  • Hunspell-based spell checking 👁️
  • Kanban style organizer of notebooks and/or notes on tags allowing you to plan and structure your learning 👁️
  • Eisenhower Matrix organizer of notebooks and/or notes on tags to assess priorities
  • ability to edit notes with external editor, WYSIWYG or tool 👁️
  • CSV notes export with one-hot-encoded tags which can be used to build machine learning models for your remarks or any set of Markdown documents 👁️
  • minimal terminal allowing you to run commands directly from MindForger e.g. to push your knowledge to a Git repository or to run external applications
  • configuration of custom CSS for Markdown to HTML rendering in viewer 👁️
  • repository specific configuration
  • lazy (PDF) documents indexation POC
  • various minor fixes and enhancements

Ubuntu PPA

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Autolinking and macOS enhancements

08 Mar 19:53
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This major MindForger release brings:

Autolinking (automatic interlinking) injects links (Notebooks and Notes names ~ Markdown document names and section names) to your remarks. Released implementation is cmark-gfm and Trie based to achieve desired performance and ensure autolinked Markdown format integrity. It can be further improvement with additional research (like hierarchical/scope centric multi-link selection) and implementation enhancements (like Aho-Corasic text search).

Shortcuts, drag & drop and ability to paste image (even an image selection) improved on macOS. Big thanks to Petr Kozelka who borrowed MacBook to improve and fix macOS implementation!

Debian PPA | Ubuntu PPA | Windows nightly builds

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Live preview

17 Feb 07:25
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This MindForger release brings:

  • Live preview of notes which is rendered as you write.
  • Persistent Notebooks table sorting (column and order).
  • Whole Notebook preview when switched to hoist mode.
  • Improved Mermaid diagram support.

... and various minor improvements and fixes.

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Debian PPA | Ubuntu PPA

Dashboard, link completion, image drag & drop, FTS & toobar revamp

18 Jan 22:29
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This major MindForger release brings:

... several bug fixes and usability enhancements.

I want to thank MindForger users for feedback, bug reports and constructive critics! Enjoy this new release!

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Microsoft Windows and GitHub Flavored Markdown

03 Mar 20:51
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This major release brings native Microsoft Windows port of MindForger and support of GitHub Flavored Markdown (via replacement of Discount with mark-gfm - GitHub's fork of cmark, a CommonMark parsing and rendering library).


Big thanks to and Ivan Kudibal who decided to contribute to MindForger - kudos to Vlasta Šaman Hájek who ported MindForger to Microsoft Windows in one month!

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CSV Export, MathJax Menu and Autolinking Preview

10 Nov 21:08
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Autolinking preview

This MindForger release brings CSV export, MathJax menu, HTML zooming and autolinking preview. CSV export enables AI/ML/DS analysis of your remarks. MathJax menu aims to significantly improve your productivity when writing mathematical expressions. Autolinking is an experimental feature which automatically turns you plain text notes to hypertext while your browse them. Autolinking automatically discovers notes across your repository with the right title and creates links (just for view, note is not changed).

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Knowledge Graph Navigator

02 Oct 11:09
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This major MindForger release brings knowledge graph navigator (video), full-text search with regular expressions, HTML notebook export, TWiki document import, Docker-based distribution, significant improvements in recent notes and asynchronous associations.

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Standard Terminology and Toolbar

02 Sep 20:13
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This release aims to improve MindForger usability. Terminology has been changed from nerd-style terms to commonly used naming. Newly added toolbar will make MindForger use much easier. In addition it lays the foundation for visual knowledge navigator. I also fixed several issues - both in frontend and backend.

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Eisenhower Matrix, Tags View and Recent Notes

10 Jul 13:05
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This MindForger release brings Eisenhower matrix, tags view, recent notes view and updated documentation.
In addition it lays the foundation for named-entity recognition (NER) and knowledge graph navigator. I also fixed several issues - both in frontend and backend (parsing huge repositories).

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