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Sources of the next generation of the site about color themes for IDEs (formerly known as, now closed)

Deprecation warning

Project is closed. You can find all the themes compiled 
in db_dump/all-color-themes.jar

Database collection `themes` is dumped with mongodump 
to db_dump/themes.json

How to start

First you need to install dependencies and compile sources:

npm install

Next, you need to setup environment variables. Some functionality may not work if not all variables were defined.

Variable Required Example Description
SECRET Yes **** Random string for hashing.
MONGO_URL Yes mongodb://... Database URL. Database for tests: mongodb:// Warning: it cat be wiped at any time.
EMAIL No This email used to send mails for user. Error reports are sent to this email too.
SMTP_SERVICE No Gmail Service to send email. You should either specify this variable, or all other SMTP_ variables. Look for nodemailer docs for more information.
SMTP_PORT No 465 SMTP port.
SMTP_SECURE No true Should SMTP use secure connection: true/false.
SMTP_USER No user SMTP auth user.
SMTP_PASSWORD No ***** SMPT auth password.
DEBUG No TRUE Start in debug mode. Will not send emails with errors.
BRAND No Color Themes Logo text - useful to show different versions.
PAYPAL_EMAIL No Required to check transaction.
PAYPAL_PRICE No 2.00USD Required to check transaction.
PRICE No $2 Price that will be shown to user
IPN_URL No http://.../ipn Url that will receive ipn request from PayPal
PAYPAL_ID No AX7... PayPal button id
PORT No 80 Port to listen to.

Start server with command

npm start


Download and put to tests/bin:

  • selenium-server-standalone-x.x.x.jar
  • required selenium drivers for your os

Fix tests/nightwatch.json - check versions for selenium server and drivers. Read nightwatch guide for details.

Start tests with command

npm test


You are very welcome to improve this project. Looking forward for your pull requests.


Shared under the MIT License