Yet another immutable XML Schema API, on top of yaidom
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Yaidom XML Schema

The yaidom query API applied to XML schema files. This API exposes the components of a schema (document).


Yaidom-xs versions can be found in the Maven central repository. Assuming version 0.2, yaidom-xs can be added as dependency as follows (in an SBT or Maven build):


libraryDependencies += "eu.cdevreeze.yaidom" %% "yaidom-xs" % "0.2"



Note that yaidom-xs itself depends only on yaidom and yaidom-xlink, and their dependencies. Version 0.2 depends on yaidom 1.4.2 and yaidom-xlink-1.4.2.

Yaidom-xs requires Java version 1.6 or later.