Django middleware to allow access to /admin only for users, whose IPs are in the white list
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django-admin-ip-whitelist is a Django middleware app to ban users whose IPs are not whitelisted.

Stores whole 'whitelist' in memory to avoid database lookups on every request.



  • Python 2.5+
  • Django
  • Memcache/Redis/..

Get django-admin-ip-whitelist

Get the source:

Browse the source on GitHub:

Clone with Git:

$ git clone git://

Install via easy_install or pip

easy_install django-admin-ip-whitelist
pip install django-admin-ip-whitelist


Install django-admin-ip-whitelist. Make sure it is on your PYTHONPATH or in your django project directory.

In your django project you must set the following options:

1) Add 'admin_ip_whitelist.middleware.AdminAccessIPWhiteListMiddleware' to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES

2) Add 'admin_ip_whitelist' to INSTALLED_APPS

3) Add ADMIN_ACCESS_WHITELIST_ENABLED = True to enable django-admin-ip-whitelis (handy if you lock yourself out, you can just set this to False)

4) Run migrations to create the table for whitelisted IPs:

    ./ migrate admin_ip_whitelist

4) Optionally set ADMIN_ACCESS_WHITELIST_MESSAGE (default is "You are banned.") to change default message for banned user.


Find a bug? Want a feature? Submit an issue here. Patches welcome!


django-admin-ip-whitelist is released under the Apache Software License, Version 2.0


  • dvska