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my outdated personal website including PHP backend, account system, chatroom, etc.
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My personal website

I first started develpment on this website in 2014. It was intended as a way for me to share a small program I made for math class, but I gradually got more advanced in web development and added more pages and drastically improved the appearance of the site. However recently (2016), I've gotten addicted to lower-level languages like C/C++ and this project has been put on the back burner. I'm still adding new material, but slowly.

After my parents told me I'm not allowed to go out with my gf anymore, I had to move my website off of her VPS, so now I recognize the importance of backups, I decided to post my source (sensitive files removed). So that way I could get reccomendations, and perhaps some guidance since I know I'm doing a great many things wrong.


If you would like to contribute, please open up an issue as opposed to a pull request.

Profile Page

This website is somewhat outdated, but still contains some relevant information and content. I now plan on sharing instead of this website.


The code is covered under GPLv3, but the content and rendered site are covered under CC0

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