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core: if Poller.poll() fails, TimeoutError would be raised.

We must check whether poller threw an exception both in the case that we
weren't woken and the case that we were.
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dw committed May 15, 2018
1 parent 5bdc171 commit 05a5f2b6e5841210f4a6e2540071e1205fc67b98
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@@ -1153,7 +1153,7 @@ def _get_sleep(self, timeout, block, rsock, wsock):
del self._sleeping[i]
self._sockets.append((rsock, wsock))
if i >= self._waking:
raise TimeoutError()
raise e or TimeoutError()
self._waking -= 1
if rsock.recv(2) != '\x7f':
raise LatchError('internal error: received >1 wakeups')

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