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core: Make Latch.put(obj=) optional.

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dw committed Feb 14, 2019
1 parent d865fb7 commit ca63c26e0141fcf9a2d4018525a7182d7b7a3653
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@@ -2240,11 +2240,14 @@ def _get_sleep(self, poller, timeout, block, rsock, wsock, cookie):

def put(self, obj):
def put(self, obj=None):
Enqueue an object, waking the first thread waiting for a result, if one
:param obj:
Object to enqueue. Defaults to :data:`None` as a convenience when
using :class:`Latch` only for synchronization.
:raises mitogen.core.LatchError:
:meth:`close` has been called, and the object is no longer valid.

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