A adapter to make Sectioned List Views.
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Section List Adapter

I based this project off of the Amazing-ListView. The work is fairly divergent at this point, but some of the basic techniques are used from that implementation.

Note: Still working on the documentation and a sticky header implementation

This project was created to make a simpler and easier version of a sectioned ListView. I found several examples that were entirely to complicated to implement.

All you need to do is extend SectionListAdapter in your own adapter and implement the following two (You read that correct only TWO methods !!!!!) methods:

 View getHeaderView(Section section, View convertView, View parent)
 View getItemView(Item item, View convertView, View parent);

You may notice that these are similar to the

 getView(int position, View convertView, View parent)

method in the Adapter interface. You can use them just as you did in a normal getView() implementation. The main difference is that you do not need to be worried about the position of the Item or Header that is being called. That is handled by the super class. You will have an easier time with just the Item and not the index.

The reason for not having to worry about the item index is because of how the super class in implemented.

The SectionListAdapter has a special constructor:

 SectionListAdapter(Map<Section, List<Item>> items, Context context)

you MUST call the super() constructor in your subclass. The Map is really critical to how the Adapter works. This is why you get to only worry about the item and not the index.

The class uses two generic types. The Section is the Object that represent the section object that will be used as the header for that section. The Item is a item in the ListView that will be displayed.

The type of Map that you use will determine the order that the sections are displayed. I suggest using the LinkedHashMap if you want to perserve insertion order for the sections. You will have to break up your items into separate Lists and insert them into the map with the Section object as the key.