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Ruby CookieJar


Author: David Waite

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The Ruby CookieJar is a library to help manage client-side cookies in pure Ruby. It enables parsing and setting of cookie headers, alternating between multiple 'jars' of cookies at one time (such as having a set of cookies for each browser or thread), and supports persistence of the cookies in a JSON string.

Both Netscape/RFC 2109 cookies and RFC 2965 cookies are supported.


For the Next major release, I would like to accomplish:

  1. Check against [RFC 6265 - HTTP State Management Mechanism][rfc6265], the latest cookie spec which came out after the initial release of cookiejar
  2. Determine better code structure to encourage alternate persistence mechanisms for cookie jars

[rfc6265]: COPYRIGHT

The Ruby CookieJar is Copyright © 2009-2014 David Waite, with additional contributions from various authors. Licensing terms are given within the LICENSE file.