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Fuel UX

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Fuel UX extends Bootstrap 3 with additional lightweight JavaScript controls. It is actively maintained by members of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, with the support and involvement of the community.

To get started, check out!

Table of contents

Quick start

Fuel UX can be used with an existing page via CDN or installed in a project.

Read the Getting started page for more detailed information on the framework contents, templates, examples, and more.


Add fuelux class to the portion of the page using Fuel UX as seen here.

Ensure all the dependencies are included on the page (eg, such as using the CDN as shown below).

<link href="//" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="//" rel="stylesheet">

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>


A few ways available to install.

More details for the above can be found here.

What's included

Downloading the zip of FuelUX provides the following directories and files, which are grouped according to file type:

├── css/
│   ├── fuelux.css
│   ├── fuelux.min.css
├── js/
│   ├── fuelux.js
│   └── fuelux.min.js
└── fonts/
    ├── fuelux.eot
    ├── fuelux.svg
    ├── fuelux.ttf
    └── fuelux.woff

We provide compiled CSS and JS (like fuelux.*), as well as compiled and minified CSS and JS (like fuelux.min.*) in the dist folder. Supporting icons are provided as fonts.


Fuel UX is dependent upon Bootstrap 3 and jQuery. If you installed by cloning the repo or by downloading a .zip archive, you'll also want to grab these things, as it won't work without them.

For other methods of managing dependencies consider AMD support via require.

Bugs and Feature Requests

Have a bug or a feature request? Please first review the open issues, then search for existing and closed issues. If your problem or idea is not addressed yet, please open a new issue.

For additional assistance connect with the community.


Fuel UX documentation is built with Jekyll and publicly hosted on GitHub Pages at More details on seting up Jekyll and running docs locally can be found here.

Previous releases

Documentation for v2.6 has been made available for the time being while folks transition to Bootstrap 3. You can download 2.6 updates (bug fixes only) from the fuelux2 branch.


Before writing code, we suggest you search for issues or create a new one to confirm where your contribution fits into our roadmap.

Please do not edit or commit files in the dist directory. You'll find source files in the respective js, less, and fonts directory. Project maintainers will commit files in the dist directory from time to time. Details on compiling CSS and JavasScript can be found here.

Prior to submitting a pull request, please run grunt to lint & test your code. All pull requests are validated via Travis CI. If the tests fail unexpectedly feel free to trigger a restart.

Take care to maintain the existing coding style (tabs, clarity over brevity, declarative markup, semicolons, etc).

Please review the Salesforce Marketing Cloud style guide if you have any questions.


Be sure to add unit tests for any new or changed functionality.

To serve the test page and lint your changes run grunt serve while developing. View the test page at http://localhost:8000/test/. The serve task will run lint and unit tests against saved code.

While grunt can run the included unit tests via PhantomJS, this isn't a substitute for running tests across a variety of browsers and environments. Please be sure to test in as many of the browsers listed in sauce_browsers.yml as you can before contributing.

Read more about contributing to FuelUX


Keep track of development and community news.

  • Fuel UX, API's, and building with other Salesforce Marketing Cloud products visit Code@.
  • Implementation help may be found at Stack Overflow (tagged fuelux).
  • Follow @EtFuel on Twitter.


Our aim is to provide a suite of related but independent projects that help web developers integrate, manage, and customize quality libraries and utilities to more efficiently develop, maintain, test, and distribute their projects. Any improvements or fixes we make to the open source projects, we use will be contributed upstream if they are useful to the rest of the community.

Project Maintainers (a-z)
Stephen James tweetllama on Twitter interactivellama on Github
Christopher McCulloh @cmcculloh on Twitter cmcculloh on Github cormacmccarthy on Github
Kevin Parkerson kevinparkerson on Twitter kevinparkerson on Github
Stephen Williams swilliamsui on Twitter swilliamset on Github
Dave Woodward futuremint on Twitter futuremint on Github
Adam Alexander adamalex on Twitter adamalex on Github

Special thanks to major contributors and active contributors.

And thank you to all those that have submitted issues and contributed to this library.

Copyright and License

Copyright © 2012-2014 Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Inc.

View BSD-3 license. alpha

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