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fixed labels for chips, final version

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Dillon Nichols
Dillon Nichols committed Mar 24, 2012
1 parent 42cb51f commit 412cd75f6dd74e8989c15022d13958846e7640cc
Showing with 3 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +3 −5 gameboy.lbr
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
<setting alwaysvectorfont="no"/>
<setting verticaltext="up"/>
<grid distance="0.1" unitdist="inch" unit="inch" style="lines" multiple="1" display="no" altdistance="0.01" altunitdist="inch" altunit="inch"/>
<grid distance="0.05" unitdist="inch" unit="inch" style="lines" multiple="1" display="yes" altdistance="0.025" altunitdist="inch" altunit="inch"/>
<layer number="1" name="Top" color="4" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="16" name="Bottom" color="1" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
@@ -127,8 +127,7 @@ Specifically based on the MBC1-B chip</description>
<wire x1="11" y1="-0.345" x2="11" y2="-15.645" width="0.2032" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="11" y1="-15.645" x2="2.6" y2="-15.645" width="0.2032" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="2.6" y1="-15.645" x2="2.6" y2="-0.345" width="0.2032" layer="21"/>
<text x="3.800003125" y="0.5" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
<text x="3.100003125" y="-18.000009375" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
<text x="4.370003125" y="0" size="1.27" layer="21">&gt;VALUE</text>
<circle x="3.81" y="-1.524" radius="0.29971875" width="0.6096" layer="21"/>
<package name="PLCC32R">
@@ -175,8 +174,7 @@ Specifically based on the MBC1-B chip</description>
<smd name="30" x="3.81" y="6.9" dx="0.6" dy="2.2" layer="1"/>
<smd name="31" x="2.54" y="6.9" dx="0.6" dy="2.2" layer="1"/>
<smd name="32" x="1.27" y="6.9" dx="0.6" dy="2.2" layer="1"/>
<text x="-4.64" y="8.605" size="1.778" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
<text x="-4.61" y="-10.1" size="1.778" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
<text x="-5.08" y="-10.668" size="1.778" layer="21">&gt;VALUE</text>
<rectangle x1="-0.26" y1="6.95" x2="0.27" y2="7.53" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="-1.53" y1="6.95" x2="-1" y2="7.53" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="-2.8" y1="6.95" x2="-2.27" y2="7.53" layer="51"/>

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