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Clone of the iOS6 calculator app for the web
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Clone of the iOS6 calculator app for the web

I started this project to learn CSS and Javascript. Currently this app does not have the full functionality of the iOS6 calculator app.

Update: Looks like somebody beat me to completion. Amazing project by @mjackson: "I re-built the classic iOS Calculator in React"

What it can and cannot do

  • Status bar shows time the page was loaded and does not change
  • Battery is randomly set between 20% and 99% (If below 20%, the icon would have to be red, and above 99%, the text would be three digits)
  • Signal strength is static
  • Mouse over any button for it to appear pressed
  • Only number buttons appear on the screen when clicked
  • Need to refresh page to clear screen
  • Functions for formatting screen text are very hacky and wouldn't work if number is negative


This code is a work in progress and will continue to be updated.

Visit my blog at

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