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This is a basic, stop-gap implementation of bcrypt for Perl 6


use Crypt::Bcrypt;
my $salt = Crypt::Bcrypt.gensalt(10);
my $hash = Crypt::Bcrypt.hash("My password", $salt);

my $password_attempt = Crypt::Bcrypt.hash("My password", $hash);

if ($password_attempt ~~ $hash) {
	say "access granted";


  • gensalt(Int $rounds = 12)

    Generates a salt The generated salt includes a prefix specifying the number of rounds that the password will be hashed with when the returned salt is passed to hash

  • hash(Str $password, Str $salt)

    Generates a hash of the password, using the settings from the salt The salt should be generated using gensalt but can be passed manually

    The salt can also be a fully qualified bcrypt hash, this is useful if you want to compare a string against a known hash

  • compare(Str $password, Str $hash) returns Bool

    Compares a password with a hash Returns True if the given hash was created with the provided plain text


Your system must be capable of compiling the provided libraries

This should work on most Unix variants, however Windows is not currently supported as the library depends on the existance of /dev/urandom

Confirmed working on rakudo running on the MoarVM

How to

First get your system ready for compiling If you installed a Perl 6 implementation from source you probably already meet this requirement

On Debian-based systems this can be achieved like this:

apt-get install build-essential

On openSUSE you can do:

zypper in --type pattern devel_basis


If you have Panda installed, you can build the library by running panda-build. You can then run the tests using panda-test and install using panda-install. Once installed the module can be used like any other module, or you can manually run the tests just like any other Perl 6 code:

perl6 t/01-basic.t


If you do not have Panda installed, you should really install Panda. However, if you want to build the library without Panda you can run:

perl6 Configure.pl6

This builds the crypt_blowfish library and puts it in the lib/ directory. You can then run the tests like this:

PERL6LIB=lib perl6 t/01-basic.t


carlin in #perl6 on Freenode


This module uses the Openwall crypt_blowfish library by Solar Designer See and the header of <ext/crypt_blowfish-1.2/crypt_blowfish.c> for details