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Dwarves Tech Radar

A place where the Dwarves note down their research and development pieces of technology.


New technology needs to provide actual value over existing solutions. Software is changing the world every day. Software moves fast. The technology you used yesterday may be deprecated today. New technology has enabled us to create new things.

The world is running by the good will of people who try to make it a better place. With the existing set of problems, new solutions will come out along with new technologies. When we look at new tech, we think about the movement of the market & society on which the new tech could fit in. The main idea is to see if the new tech could help to make anything better than before in the long run and also serve our development direction.

Submit your topic

We start working on a new volume every 2 months. If you are still experimenting the previous cycle, just keep it going. Otherwise you can prepare your topic and submit before starting every new cycle. The topic submission should follow the submission template to be able to describe your topic at its best.

Submit the output

When you're done with your study and assessment, please submit an RFC. It's a well-known collaboration practice among the programmers. We found it suitable in our case to conduct the tech radar. The engineering team will help review and decide which ring it should be.

You can follow the RFC template or use these as references:

Your directory should follow this structure:

│       main.go



We love pull requests. If you have something you want to add or remove, please open a new pull request. Please leave all PRs open for at least a week to get feedback from everyone.


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) @ Dwarves Foundation