Today I Learned. Our knowledge hub. List out what we've learned everyday, organized.
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Today I Learned - The knowledge hub

These are what we've learned everyday, organized by Github Issue.

Dwarves never stop learning, and this is the space for our team members research/discuss about hard things. Hard things are? Just not easy things. We believe continous learning and getting out of comfort zone are the way to be the best individual.

We also do seminar every 2 weeks. We share about everything: technical stuffs, business knowledge and sometimes life growth hacking skills.

Dwarves never stop mining, and this is a chance for our team members research and share what they've digged. They can find anything they want.

Example: 21-06-2017_The-miracle-webpack.

  • PDF files follow 4:3 or 16:9 standard.

If you are interested in this repo, please follow #til and support us.


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