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D-Wave Ocean tools are documented on Read the Docs. Click on a link below for the documentation for each tool (or the link in parentheses for the tool repository located at D-Wave on GitHub).

Ocean Software
Tool Description
:std:doc:`dimod <dimod:index>` (repo)

Shared API for binary quadratic :term:`sampler`s.

dimod provides a binary quadratic model (BQM) class that contains :term:`Ising` and quadratic unconstrained binary optimization (:term:`QUBO`) models used by samplers such as the D-Wave system. It also provides utilities for constructing new samplers and composed samplers.

:std:doc:`dwavebinarycsp <binarycsp:index>` (repo) Library to construct a binary quadratic model from a constraint satisfaction problem with small constraints over binary variables.
:std:doc:`dwave-cloud-client <cloud-client:index>` (repo) Minimal implementation of the REST interface used to communicate with D-Wave :term:`Sampler` API (SAPI) servers.
:std:doc:`dwave-hybrid <hybrid:index>` (repo) A general, minimal Python framework for building hybrid asynchronous decomposition samplers for quadratic unconstrained binary optimization (QUBO) problems.
:std:doc:`dwave-neal <neal:index>` (repo) An implementation of a simulated annealing sampler.
:std:doc:`dwave-networkx <networkx:index>` (repo)

Extension of NetworkX—a Python language package for exploration and analysis of networks and network algorithms—for users of D-Wave Systems.

dwave-networkx provides tools for working with :term:`Chimera` graphs and implementations of graph-theory algorithms on the D-Wave system and other binary quadratic model :term:`sampler`s.

dwave-ocean-sdk (repo) Installer for D-Wave's Ocean Tools.
:std:doc:`dwave-system <system:index>` (repo)

Basic API for easily incorporating the D-Wave system as a :term:`sampler` in the D-Wave Ocean software stack.

It includes DWaveSampler, a dimod sampler that accepts and passes system parameters such as system identification and authentication down the stack. It also includes several useful composites—layers of pre- and post-processing—that can be used with DWaveSampler to handle :term:`minor-embedding`, optimize chain strength, etc.

:std:doc:`dwave-tabu <tabu:index>` (repo) An implementation of the MST2 multistart tabu search algorithm for quadratic unconstrained binary optimization (QUBO) problems with a dimod Python wrapper.
:std:doc:`penaltymodel <penaltymodel:index>` (repo)

An approach to solve a constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) using an :term:`Ising` model or a :term:`QUBO`, is to map each individual constraint in the CSP to a ‘small’ Ising model or QUBO.

Includes a local cache for penalty models and a factory that generates penalty models using SMT solvers.

:std:doc:`minorminer <minorminer:index>` (repo)

A tool for finding graph :term:`minor-embedding`s, developed to embed :term:`Ising` problems onto quantum annealers (QA).

While it can be used to find minors in arbitrary graphs, it is particularly geared towards the state of the art in QA: problem graphs of a few to a few hundred variables, and hardware graphs of a few thousand qubits.

:std:doc:`qbsolv <qbsolv:index>` (repo) A decomposing solver that finds a minimum value of a large quadratic unconstrained binary optimization (:term:`QUBO`) problem by splitting it into pieces. The pieces are solved using a classical solver running the tabu algorithm. qbsolv also enables configuring a D-Wave system as the solver.