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Ocean is D-Wave's suite of tools for solving hard problems with quantum computers.


Installation from PyPI:

pip install dwave-ocean-sdk

For more information, see the Ocean documentation's installation page.

Getting Started

Sign up for the Leap quantum cloud service here: Leap signup.

Start learning with the following D-Wave resources:

Example Quantum Program

The following lines of code solve and visualize a random problem on a quantum computer.

import dimod
import dwave.inspector
import dwave.system

bqm = dimod.generators.ran_r(1, 20)
sampler = dwave.system.EmbeddingComposite(dwave.system.DWaveSampler())
sampleset = sampler.sample(bqm, num_reads=100)

The left side of the visualized solution represents the problem's variables as circles, with white dots for variables assigned values of -1 and blue dots for values of +1; the colors of the connecting lines represent values of the quadratic coefficients for each pair of variables. The right side shows the qubits representing these variables on a quantum processing unit.


You can find introductory examples in the Ocean documentation and dwave-examples GitHub repository, and many customer prototype applications on the D-Wave website.


Find support here:


Your contributions are welcome!

Ocean's contributing guide has guidelines for contributing to Ocean packages.


Released under the Apache License 2.0. See LICENSE file.