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compat compat/os2threads: split long lines Feb 14, 2016
doc doc/filters: add drawtext example Apr 7, 2016
libavcodec avcodec/shorten: add support for AIFF packing, not bitexact Apr 9, 2016
libavdevice lavd/dshow_crossbar: remove trailing whitespace Mar 28, 2016
libavfilter avfilter: add remap filter Apr 7, 2016
libavformat lavf/avio: Remove linebreak from https warning. Apr 10, 2016
libavresample Merge commit 'cc4c24208159200b7aff5b5c313903c7f23fa345' Jan 2, 2016
libavutil lavu/base64: add AV_BASE64_DECODE_SIZE() macro Apr 2, 2016
libpostproc postproc: fix unaligned access Feb 23, 2016
libswresample swresample/swresample: Remove "less than" comparissions of enums Mar 22, 2016
libswscale swscale/arm: add ff_hscale_8_to_15_neon Apr 8, 2016
presets presets: remove moldering iPod presets Jun 18, 2014
tests fate: Add test for Ticket 2397 (dvdsub) Apr 8, 2016
tools fix some a/an typos Mar 28, 2016
.gitattributes Treat all '*.pnm' files as non-text file Nov 28, 2014
.gitignore fate: add audiomatch Mar 22, 2016
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COPYING.GPLv3 Add configure option to upgrade (L)GPL to version 3. Jun 5, 2009
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COPYING.LGPLv3 Add configure option to upgrade (L)GPL to version 3. Jun 5, 2009
CREDITS CREDITS: redirect to Git log, remove current outdated content Jan 31, 2013
Changelog avfilter: add remap filter Apr 7, 2016
INSTALL.md INSTALL: add markdown syntax May 28, 2014
LICENSE.md LICENSE: Thorough editing Feb 28, 2016
MAINTAINERS lavfi: Add coreimage filter for GPU based image filtering on OSX. Mar 25, 2016
Makefile fate: add audiomatch Mar 22, 2016
README.md README: replace http with https Oct 6, 2015
RELEASE RELEASE: Update to 3.0.git Feb 15, 2016
arch.mak mips: rename mipsdspr1 to mipsdsp Dec 4, 2015
cmdutils.c cmdutils: realign for some additional filters with very long name Feb 6, 2016
cmdutils.h fate/source: Do not use GNU extensions in sed Feb 13, 2016
cmdutils_common_opts.h opts: add list device sources/sinks options Oct 25, 2014
cmdutils_opencl.c all: use FFDIFFSIGN to resolve possible undefined behavior in compara… Nov 3, 2015
common.mak build: use a link instead of changing current directory when compiling Jan 25, 2016
configure lavc/audiotoolboxdec: add eac3 decoder Apr 2, 2016
ffmpeg.c vp9: add superframe merging bitstream filter. Mar 11, 2016
ffmpeg.h Merge commit 'bd49be885e9ad6bae599c54473ba2fa2957eb140' Feb 17, 2016
ffmpeg_dxva2.c ffmpeg_dxva2: add a profile check for hevc Feb 15, 2016
ffmpeg_filter.c fix some a/an typos Mar 28, 2016
ffmpeg_opt.c ffmpeg: remove hardcoded 'now' creation_time support Mar 3, 2016
ffmpeg_qsv.c Merge commit 'fb472e1a11a4e0caed2c3c91da01ea8e35d9e3f8' Oct 22, 2015
ffmpeg_vdpau.c ffmpeg_vdpau: Free ctx on error path Mar 3, 2016
ffmpeg_videotoolbox.c ffmpeg/videotoolbox: protect UTGetOSTypeFromString on both VDA and VT Oct 15, 2015
ffplay.c ffplay: fix silence insertion on error or pause Apr 4, 2016
ffprobe.c ffprobe: Deprecate stream timecode field and add frame side data time… Feb 1, 2016
ffserver.c ffserver: Fixed ffserver to support large ffm files Mar 8, 2016
ffserver_config.c ffserver: NoVideo and NoAudio flags weren't cleared between streams. Feb 21, 2016
ffserver_config.h ffserver: Use singlejpeg muxer for jpeg Jun 8, 2015
library.mak build: use a link instead of changing current directory when compiling Jan 25, 2016
version.sh version.sh: Fix spurious rebuilds. Mar 10, 2016



FFmpeg is a collection of libraries and tools to process multimedia content such as audio, video, subtitles and related metadata.


  • libavcodec provides implementation of a wider range of codecs.
  • libavformat implements streaming protocols, container formats and basic I/O access.
  • libavutil includes hashers, decompressors and miscellaneous utility functions.
  • libavfilter provides a mean to alter decoded Audio and Video through chain of filters.
  • libavdevice provides an abstraction to access capture and playback devices.
  • libswresample implements audio mixing and resampling routines.
  • libswscale implements color conversion and scaling routines.


  • ffmpeg is a command line toolbox to manipulate, convert and stream multimedia content.
  • ffplay is a minimalistic multimedia player.
  • ffprobe is a simple analysis tool to inspect multimedia content.
  • ffserver is a multimedia streaming server for live broadcasts.
  • Additional small tools such as aviocat, ismindex and qt-faststart.


The offline documentation is available in the doc/ directory.

The online documentation is available in the main website and in the wiki.


Coding examples are available in the doc/examples directory.


FFmpeg codebase is mainly LGPL-licensed with optional components licensed under GPL. Please refer to the LICENSE file for detailed information.


Patches should be submitted to the ffmpeg-devel mailing list using git format-patch or git send-email. Github pull requests should be avoided because they are not part of our review process. Few developers follow pull requests so they will likely be ignored.