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= !IniGetMacro =

The !IniGetMacro package consists of two macros. The first, !IniGet, returns as
plain text the value of a [ trac.ini] configuration
option. The '''`trac.ini`''' file is a simple database of sections and option/value

name = value

By calling the macro like so: `[[IniGet(]]`, it returns the value.
If no option matches, it returns an error message. Some option names themselves
contain periods, this is supported.

The second macro in the package is Welcome, and it returns a level 1 heading
element in the following format:

<h1 id="welcome">Welcome to the Project</h1>

Where is dynamically inserted in the same manner as !IniGet.

The example above is the default behavior. However, Welcome also supports from
zero to two arguments that allow the user to specify the prefix and/or suffix
strings. Both standard and dictionary keyword methods are supported. If using
the standard method, order is important. Using the keyword method it is not.
You cannot mix both methods.

These macros are useful for WikiStart project templates.

== Installation ==

python bdist_egg
cp dist/*.egg /trac/env/Project/plugins

== Configuration ==

Enable the macros in:


iniget.* = enabled
welcome.* = enabled

Then restart you Web server.

== Examples ==

[[Welcome(This is the,Project)]]
[[Welcome(prefix=This is the,suffix=Project)]]
[[Welcome(suffix=Super Cool Project)]]
[[Welcome(,Super Cool Project)]]

The [[IniGet(]] project is designed to track and document software defects...

== Source ==

Browse the source at: [ GitHub][[BR]]
Public clone URL:
git clone git://