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To run these tests, do the following:

1. Install Vagrant:
1. Do a fresh check out.
2. Create a directory to store some glance images. Then set the environment
   variable GLANCEIMAGES to the path to this directory.
3. Download the openvz glance image from
   to the directory created in step 2.
4. Enter the directory integration/vagrant.
5. Run the command
     vagrant up
6. You can run all the steps automatically from your host machine (i.e., do NOT
   use "vagrant ssh host" to enter the VM) with the following command:
     ./reddwarf-ci vagrantci
   Or, you can enter the VM using "vagrant ssh host" and then execute the
   following commands:
     /vagrant/reddwarf-ci install
     /vagrant/reddwarf-ci build
     /vagrant/reddwarf-ci initialize
     /vagrant/reddwarf-ci test-agent
     /vagrant/reddwarf-ci test
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