DNSimple Record Updater - Windows .Net Tray app / service.
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DNScymbal is a simple Windows tray app which updates a DNSimple DNS record with your dynamic IP address.

How to Get DNScymbal

Current release

Download the latest version of DNScymbal (1.1.5410) - Released Oct 24, 2014

For those who are upgrading from the previous version 1.0.4464, please uninstall the prior version before installing the new version.

Alternatively, fork the DNScymbal repo, build the solution yourself and start adding new functionality!

How to Use DNScymbal

DNScymbal uses a property sheet for configuration as shown below:

DNScymbal Properties

EmailAddress: your DNSimple email address

Password / API Token: your DNSimple password or API Token

Is API Token: If using your API token (recommended), make sure this checkbox is checked

Domain: yourdomain.com

Record ID: Record Id of the DNS record to update. The Record Id can be found in the Advanced Editor for your domain.

Record Name: Name of the DNS Record to be updated

Update Frequency: Interval in minutes between updates.

Use the DNSimple web interface to create the initial "A" record and then allow the DNScymbal application to maintain it according to your public IP.

The DNScymbal app will automatically use the jsonip.com service to get your public IP address and post this IP to the specified record on the specified domain.

Development Environment

DNScymbal is a Visual Studio 2010 solution which uses the DNSimple-csharp API via NuGet as well as JsonFx.


The .Net Framework v4 Client Profile is required.


Lite manual testing on Windows 7 Professional has been performed during initial development. More recently, the app has been running on Windows 10 Professional (upgraded from Windows 7) successfully.

Please submit enhancements and issues via this repo's issue tracking page


MIT License