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Anorak is a software package for generating football statistics (league tables, form tables, sequences, top goal-scorers, etc.) It is partly intended as a replacement for the venerable Football Statistics Applet (FSA), but it also has other features that are not present in FSA. Its primary advantage over FSA is that it generates pure HTML output and does not require users to have the Java plug-in.

Anorak is batch software. It is not intended to be used to dynamically generate pages in response to user requests. Instead, it generates a set of static pages ahead of time and these can then be made available by a simple web server. This way it requires no specific server-side technology and each page can be served with no overhead.

Anorak is still work-in-progress and there are no binary releases, nor are there likely to be any in the near future. However, if you are willing to build the software from source (see the README file in the root of the repository), then you are free to use it under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence, version 3.

Running Anorak

See the README for details of building and running Anorak. You will require one or more RLT data files, a set of templates (default templates are provided in src/templates) and an XML configuration file to tie everything together.

Anorak in the Wild

Anorak is currently used to generate all of the content for the stats.footballpredictions.net website. The site uses a set of custom templates derived from the default Anorak templates.