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Football Statistics Applet
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Football Statistics Applet
(C) Copyright 2000-2010 Daniel W. Dyer


  The Football Statistics Applet (FSA) provides league tables, results, form
  tables, sequences and head-to-head analysis for league football competitions.
  It can be embedded in a web page to provide fast, low-maintenance statistics.
  It is an entirely client-side solution and will work with any web hosting
  package (there is no need for a servlet container or database server).


  The Football Statistics Applet is licensed under the terms of the GNU General
  Public Licence version 3.0 (


  FSA has been superseded in many ways by Anorak (see, a system for generating football statistics
  as static HTML pages.  There are unlikely to be any major new versions though
  improvements submitted via GitHub pull requests will be considered.

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