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Changes in version 1.1.4
* Merged Kayla Nimis's patch to add Skip reason to the test report.
* Updated TestNG version version to 6.2 from 5.13.1.
* Merged criccio's patch to skip Suite file creation based on property.
* Merged criccio's patch for implementation of onlyShowFailures.
* Merged Arcadie's patch to create report output directory if it doesn't exist.
Changes in version 1.1.3
* Merged in Jeff Weiss' patch to allow custom stylesheets to be loaded from the
classpath (GitHub issue #10).
* Fix for TestNG version dependency in Maven POM (GitHub issue #12).
* Don't generate a Velocity log file unless explicitly requested by setting a
system property (GitHub issue #13).
Changes in version 1.1.2
* Fix for NullPointerException when directory does not exist.
* Patch for test instance names in TestNG 5.13.1.
Changes in version 1.1.1
* Fix for NullPointerException when method thread ID is null (ISSUE#47).
* Fix for IllegalStateException generating chronology when @AfterXXX methods
are being used.
* Disabled generation of chronology due to inaccuracies in output. Probably
due to TestNG issues #85 and #86.
Changes in version 1.1
* Template refactoring and fixing of Velocity warnings/errors.
* i18n
* Added chronology page for listing tests in order of execution.
* Don't use System ClassLoader for loading templates. Fixes problem using
ReportNG with Gradle (see