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Report path cant be defined #24

kronar opened this Issue · 3 comments

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ReportNG renders report into "html" directory by default (fo HTMLReporter) but there is no ability to override it.


Yes, this is hard-coded at present (I'm surprised nobody has complained until now). The "html" directory and the corresponding "xml" directory for the JUnit XML were intended to keep the two reports separate.

I could add properties (e.g. org.uncommons.reportng.xml-dir and org.uncommons.reportng.html-dir) to specify the directories for each of the reports. Or if you have a better suggestion, let me know.


Please add properties. I think it should be enough.


+1 - A use case, as a drop-in replacement for TestNG reports, continue to use existing code that puts references to an attachment in Reporter.log(). In this case, the references are not absolute paths.

Agreed that ability to specify a property, e.g. org.uncommons.reportng.html-dir, would be sufficient.

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