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Show @Before- and @AfterMethod log in the test output #5

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I'm wondering whether there is the possibility to include @BeforeMethod @AfterMethod reports to the test outputs.

It could be very useful to see these informations collected at each test (these are only appear in the full Log Output now).


I'd be glad to have this functionality!
As things are now, i'm planing to drop the reportng and write my own report for exactly that reason...


If i remember correctly (from the last time i took a look at the Reporter from testNG), the only way to have the generated report to listen some foreign informations under a method is to use the setCurrentTestResult with a "faked" TestResult with the target method set. And that's what u r proposing, rigth? The problem is that the ITestResult has no read access on the method member. The class TestMethod has, but shouldn't be used from outside testNG (part of the "internal"-package with no guarantee of future stability).
I don't feel completely comfortable about deploying some code that possibly breaks in a future update of testNG in our company-wide test-framework.

B.t.w, how do u catch your setup exception? Is the TestListenerAdapter.onTestFailure() really reached if a problem allready happens in the setup?

Thx in advance,


I would really like to be able to include the results of the AfterMethod too, since that's where I generate a screenshot for failed tests. This log output is included in the default testng reporter log, and I can't figure out why there but not in reportng.

I wrote a console logging listener that writes to stdout. It looks like the listeners get called before the after method:

[testng] 2012.08.09 16:48:55 testReporter onTestStart
[testng] [Invoker 1469937134] Invoking test.ReporterTest.testReporter
[testng] 2012.08.09 16:48:55 testReporter onTestSuccess (1 passed / 0 failed)
[testng] [Invoker 1469937134] Invoking @AfterMethod com.liveworld.selenium.ReporterTest.afterMethod()

How can I get the listener called later? How does the builtin testng reporter do it?


I figured out how to do it by by putting the driver into the test context, extending ReportNG's HTMLReporter to implement onTestFailure and take the screenshot, and specifying a different utils class that adds the screenshot to the report output

details here:!topic/testng-users/80g-iNKxR8g

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