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  The Watchmaker Framework for Evolutionary Computation - Version 0.7.1
  Copyright 2006-2010 Daniel W. Dyer (

1). Getting Started

Please refer to the included LICENCE.txt and NOTICE.txt files for terms of use.

  User Manual:
  API Reference:

Source code for several example programs is included in the distribution.

The examples can be run with the following command:

    java -jar watchmaker-examples-0.7.1.jar

This will list the names of available example applications.  Then just run the
command again with one of those names as an argument.

2). Library Dependencies

The following bundled JAR files are required by all programs that use the
Watchmaker Framework:

  watchmaker-framework-0.7.1.jar        (Apache Licence 2.0)
  uncommons-maths-1.2.1.jar             (Apache Licence 2.0)
  google-collect-1.0.jar                (Apache Licence 2.0)

These additional JAR files are required to use the Watchmaker Framework Swing

  watchmaker-swing-0.7.1.jar            (Apache Licence 2.0)
  jfreechart-1.0.13.jar                 (GNU LGPL 2.1)
  jcommon-1.0.16.jar                    (GNU LGPL 2.1)

Example applications are included in the watchmaker-examples-0.7.1.jar file.
This file is not required by other applications that use the Watchmaker