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DWeb Camp 2019 Organizing


How do we build a better Web? The Web we want, the Web we deserve? A Web with no central points of control?

Since 2016, we’ve been calling this the Decentralized Web (DWeb for short) and now the Internet Archive is inviting everyone who wants to imagine and co-create that better Web to join us this summer at one of the most beautiful spots on Earth.

This is the repository for the organizing of DWeb Camp from July 18-21, 2019. Please see our event announcement and hacking possibilities on the Internet Archive blog.

Get There


See the DWeb Camp website for event and registration details. This event has a Code of Conduct.

After you have registered, here are some handy pages for coordinating logistics:

  • Rideshare page for people looking to offer/need rides to and from Camp. If you have 3 people in your car, parking is free. Look for the tabs at the bottom for each day.

    If you'd be interested in paying for a bus that picks up at Oakland BART and the Internet Archive (300 Funston Ave, SF) and takes you to Camp and back. The roundtrip fare is approximately $50.

  • Stay at Internet Archive on Wednesday, July 17 (the day before Camp) and Sunday, July 21 (the night after Camp), fill out this form.

Get Involved


The Internet Archive wants to invite you to build DWeb Camp together!

Roles Description
Space Steward Help guide and support activities in specific venues around the camp
Network Steward Help other campers learn about and tinker with the communication network
Weaver Facilitate a Home Group of a group of ~10 people to regularly meet at a time

For other ways you would like to get involved, visit the following GitHub repositories and chat rooms, or write to the Organizing Team at dwebcamp [at] or via this Google Form.

πŸ—’οΈ GitHub πŸ’¬ Matrix πŸ’¬ IRC
πŸ•οΈ General dweb-camp-2019/organizing
πŸ“‘ Meshnet dweb-camp-2019/meshnet freenode/#dweb-camp-2019-mesh
πŸ’» Projects dweb-camp-2019/projects freenode/#dweb-camp-2019-apps

Open Dialogue Calls

These are one hour-long public video calls for you to ask us logistical questions, bounce your project ideas off of us (and each other!), and maybe even find other collaborators to work on a project.

Time (in PST) Location Moderator Calendar (.ics) Notes
Wed May 01 11:00 AM @maisutton πŸ“† download πŸ“ notes
Wed May 15 06:00 PM @maisutton πŸ“† download πŸ“ notes
Wed May 29 01:00 PM @maisutton πŸ“† download πŸ“ notes
Wed Jun 12 11:00 AM @maisutton πŸ“† download πŸ“ notes
Wed Jun 26 06:00 PM @maisutton πŸ“† download πŸ“ notes
Wed Jul 03 11:00 AM @maisutton πŸ“† download πŸ“ notes
Wed Jul 10 06:00 PM @maisutton πŸ“† download πŸ“ notes


Jul 21-22 Volunteer camp take-down
Jul 18-21 DWeb Camp
Jul 15-17 Volunteer build-out of structures and meshnet
Jul 10 Meshnet core nodes and Internet connectivity in place
Jul 1 Power infrastructure in place
Jun 26 Project prototyping day at Internet Archive
Jun 8 Communication infrastructure test at The Farm
May 2-3 Programming meetings
Apr 28 The Farm site visit
Apr 15 Website with Camp details published that includes RFP and ticket sales
Apr 3-5 Kick-off meetings at the Internet Archive (notes)
Mar 31 The Farm overnight site visit (notes)
Mar 25 Camp announcement on Archive blog and preliminary details published to GitHub
Mar 8 Save the Date sent to Decentralized Web mailing list


Repository for the organizing of Decentralized Web Camp 2019 🚧



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