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DWeb Camp 2019 // Open Dialogue Call // May 01

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DWeb Camp Open Dialogue calls are a space for you to ask us logistical questions, bounce your project ideas off of us (and each other!), and maybe even find other collaborators to work on a project.

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  • ben (organizer)
    • Attended 2018 Summit and started getting involved in organizing 2019 Camp since March, responsible for local mesh network + working with dweb communities to plan projects at Camp + moving planning to open processes & tools. When not doing DWeb stuff, I am involved with Toronto Mesh and other community networks, working on p2p apps on mesh network software/hardware + literacy things :)
  • mai (associate producer of DWeb / digital commons organizer)
    • Attended 2016 + 2018 DWeb Summits. Have been involved in DWeb Camp 2019 since mid-April. I'm involved with People's Open Network, a community wireless mesh network in Oakland, CA. I'm also working with the Oakland Public Library and Commons Networks (an advocacy group for the commons in Europe). I'm interested in how technology and the solidarity economy intersect, in the form of digital commoning, platform cooperatives, and other initiatives that center humans, the environment, and their relationships at the core of tech design.
  • dcrocker
    • Dave Crocker. Internet protocol standards. Email.
  • R.J. Steinert (@rjsteinert)
  • Dylan
    • Documentary maker, worked with Vice, National Geographic, fascinated with world of decentralization
  • Connor
    • Holochain development - allows p2p apps to run on this, interested in protocol + "what are the amazing applications"
  • Pegah
    • Designer + curator + artist, working on symposium in Toronto re: digital censorship & surveillance for creative workers
    • May 25-26 Symposium info and registration at:
  • Shannon
    • Just visited the Farm! Decentralized finance protocols + blockchain (Maker DAO). Artist, work with communities, excited to contribute to DWeb
  • Travis
    • Work with Internet Archive for 3 years, interested in UX of the web, project called __?
  • Kos
    • Background in telecommunications, interested in getting more involved with dweb and Mesh Internet projects
  • Andi (organizer)
    • Public school education, art, looking forward to supporting you all!
  • Alex


  • Great space, team there setting up camp ground, lots of open space post
  • Mesh network / Internet connectivity
    • There is barely going to be any internet connectivity (~50 Mbps) and cell service is very spotty
    • Infrastructure will be designed to enable people to experiment with p2p apps.
    • We will have servers to recreate some of the critical infrastructure of the Internet and see how they work
    • Mesh connectivity itself will be high bandwidth (~500 Mbps)
  • Projects
    • We are looking for projects that can involve other people of diverse experience and expertise
    • Not looking for demos of packaged tech
    • We will get more from the event if people coordinate beforehand
  • Discussions
  • Questions
    • What will be the basic capabilities that we'd like to see at the event? For ex. chats, announcements from organizers
      • We are prioritizing: shared server (with maps), instant messaging (Matrix),
    • What else would people like to see?
    • What should the network topology be? One big switch? Or should we make something more closely resembling real mesh networks?
  • People's current ideas
  • Interface with food, art, and power... what do we need? What are the things that tech can serve?
  • Mai: This is not the internet, what can we do? This can be a petridish for experiments to happen
    • Kos: LAN party!
    • Connor: What happens with the infrastructure? Relationships between infra + uses
    • Alex: We need infra so people can do cool stuff, we need people doing cool stuff so that the infra is useful
  • Ben:
    • How can we think about the language we use?
    • Andi: The Slow Coast is the nickname :) no connectivity!
    • Draw from history of the place!
    • Andi: How can we give back to the place
    • Conservation, protection, sustainable village
    • Encourage people who wouldn't normally discover the DWeb to come
  • Mai: What is the purpose of the technology?
    • Open convos about how dweb potential can be empowering to most marginalized, not extract from them
  • Ben: Have conversations about protocols, ownership, capacity building,
  • Connor: Protocol cooperatives, as opposed to platform cooperatives?
    • There can be systems/organizations built on protocols, not on platforms
  • Definitely bring it up on chat / #53 + discussion with ScuttleCamp organizers
  • Join
  • Conservation angle of event: How can we give back to the location?
  • Donations
    • Grassroots sponsorships for self-funding, crowdfunding for things
    • On website, people can donate for specific things (e.g. crowdfund Global Fellows)
    • Huge support for community crowdsource!
    • Recommend Holochain to sponsor
  • Alex: Can we start building now?
    • Ben will start documenting meshnet a lot more from now as he starts prototyping
    • Ben will be in SF @ Internet Archive 2 months leading up to Camp to prototype things with local people
    • June meetup @ Internet Archive with minimum version of meshnet