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Addin for Excel's VBE that helps me code better.
Visual Basic
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VBE Helper Addin v2.0.1

An addin for Excel 2007+ that does some nifty stuff in the code editor.

In the VBE

A new toolbar is added to the VB IDE.

Exporting and Reloading Code

Two menus appear on the toolbar, one for exporting, one for reloading.

The export and reload options are stored within each module. These options start with a '!. This can be changed to your liking in the config module.

Current options:

  • no-export - file is not exported. I use this in a lot of quick testing code.
  • no-reload - file will not be reloaded from the file path, even if the command if given
  • absolute-path <path> - absolute path to export to/reload from.
  • relative-path <path> - path to save to/load from. This is relative to the current workbook's file location.

Import From Folder will import all files in the folder into the selected project.

Copy path to clipboard

Copies the currently selected projects path to the clipboard.

Command-code dropdown

Lists the command codes for use in a project.

0X menu


Clear all code will clear the selected project of all code.

In the Main Excel Window

A new control appears on the Developer tab!

Type name of selection button.

This button will reflect the typename of the selected object. Clicking the button refreshes the target.

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