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Java clone of the classic Dyna Blaster (Bomberman) game by Hudson Soft.

This software was created for fun and out of nostalgia only. It is not meant  to
be sold  or redistributed  in any  way other  than for  playing with  a bunch of
friends at the office (during lunch breaks of course).

Goals of the project

- close to identical DynaBlaster simulation of behavior (gfx, sounds, movements),
- ability to play with a number of opponents on the local network,
- ability to play against an AI bot.

License and Copyright

The code is GPLed. We ripped the graphics and sounds from an (owned) copy of Dyna Blaster 
and we hope by now it is considered "abandonware". We mean no harm, but want to revive old
memories of this fantastic game.


See src/java/about.txt.


master   - this is the "classic" version

3d       - this is a branch with 3D-enabled and much improved version (additional bonuses, 
           status panel, etc.). Unfortunately this branch is no longer actively maintained
           (but if you do fix it, contribute back).