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SpringData MongoDB Example

This project is a simple demo of a few SpringData MongoDB features. The important bits under the co.ntier.examples.sdmongo base package:

  • model.Person - A simple POJO for our model, with a few annotations to make the transition to MongoDB a bit cleaner.
  • util.Auditable & util.AuditingUtil - Shows an example of how easy it is to intercept your models as they are stored & retrieved in MongoDB. The example is contrived, but should give you a good idea of the flexibility.
  • repo.PersonRepository - this is the real workhorse of SpringData I'd like to show. It's simply an interface that shows how SpringData gives you CRUD for free & how easy it is to add custom model-based lookups with literally no code.
  • DemoConfig - A Spring JavaConfig file that shows just how easy it is to get started without any XML
  • Demo - And finally, a simple command line app that allows you to run the code and see the bits and pieces working. Note that you'll need an instance of MongoDB running on your box w/ the default settings for this to work out of the box (if that's too much, update the DemoConfig as appropriate)

Why did you do this?

Because it was fun and easy, as most software should be. Feel free to fork / clone / copy and use however you'd like.

Why didn't you…

Did I do something wrong? Is there a better way of putting the pieces together? Great! Open an issue or submit a pull request! I'd love to learn from you!!

Have questions?

I'd be happy to help. Contact me at @david_welch or Google+