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Using the pcemu to learn 8088/86 assembly language programming
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Derived from what I assume to be David Hedleys, pcemu pc emulator
an 8088/86 instruction set simulator plus extras.  I removed the
extras.  The original directory contains the source for the package
I started with and the cpu directory is the derivative.

Ideally I would have created my own 808x simulator from scratch but
have not done that.

The goal for this project is to take the pcemu platform and perhaps in
the future additional 808x simulators, to provide a platform for learning
beginning x86 programming.  Granted pretty much all computers in regular
use today are greatly advanced from the 808x.  The hard part of x86
assembly can be learned on an 8086 and then transitioning to the current
generation or perhaps jumping to the 386 then forward from there.

I do not recommend x86 assembly language as your first assembly
programming language.  I have provided a number of projects, lsasim,
thumbulator, and mspulator (at github) that are cleaner instruction
sets.  Getting your feet wet with a good instruction set builds a good
foundation that you can then build upon with good or bad instruction

There seems to be an understandable strong desire to learn x86 assembly
since most folks are using x86 computers day to day.  Hopefully this
will develop into a safe sandbox in which to transition into x86
or at least 808x assembly language programming.

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