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riakpool is an application for maintaining a dynamic pool of protocol buffer client connections to a riak database. It ensures that a given connection can only be in use by one external process at a time.


$ git clone git://
$ cd riakpool
$ make


The following example gives an overview of the riakpool interface. Please see the complete documentation by running make doc.

1> application:start(riakpool).
2> riakpool:start_pool("", 8087).
3> riakpool:execute(fun(C) -> riakc_pb_socket:ping(C) end).
4> riakpool_client:put(<<"groceries">>, <<"mine">>, <<"eggs">>).
5> riakpool_client:get(<<"groceries">>, <<"mine">>).
6> riakpool_client:list_keys(<<"groceries">>).
7> riakpool_client:delete(<<"groceries">>, <<"mine">>).
8> riakpool:count().

Note that the use of riakpool_client is completely optional - it is simply a collection of convenience functions which call riakpool:execute/1.

Starting the Pool

Prior to any calls to riakpool:execute/1, the pool must be started. This can be accomplished in one of two ways:

  1. Before the server is started, set the riakpool application environment variables riakpool_host and riakpool_port.
  2. After the server is started, call riakpool:start_pool/0 or riakpool:start_pool/2 (see previous section).