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Dwenguino graphical programming IDE!

Hey! This repository contains the source code and binaries for our graphical programming environment for the Dwenguino microcontroller board. The IDE is based on Google Blockly and provides built in tutorials, a simulator and debugger.

Using the environment

The environment has to be run as a plugin for the Arduino IDE. To install the plugin download the the .zip archive located in the bin folder and extract it into the Arduino tools directory. The tools directory should be present in the default arduino sketchbook location. If the tools directory is not present, you should create it. To locate your Arduino sketchbook location, open the Arduino IDE and go to File > Preferences this opens a new window. At the top of this window you can see the default sketch location. To work correctly, the directory:


should contain a folder named DwenguinoBlockly and a file named DwenguinoBlocklyArduinoPlugin.jar

To run the plugin, open the Arduino IDE and open Tools > DwenguinoBlockly2.0.


To the java plugin

The java plugin performs the communication between the Arduino IDE and the DwenguinoIDE. It renders the IDE inside a JavaFX webview and performs the communication between Javascript and Java. It allows users to: upload code to the microcontroller board through the IDE, save block code to an xml file and load a saved file. All code is located in the DwenguinoBlocklyArduino folder.

To the IDE

The IDE is written in JavaScript, html and css. It is contained inside the DwenguinoIDE folder. It has a dependency on a adapted version of the Google Blockly library located inside the blockly folder. The blockly library depends on the closure library so the folder closure-library should be included together with the IDE.