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tiffscan is an advanced SANE frontend. It has batch mode capabilities and can generate compressed multi-page TIFF files. It handles from black and white to 16 bit RBG+infrared scans.

tiffscan is Copyright (C) 2007-12 by Alessandro Zummo and is released under the GPL, version 2.


tiffscan requires libpaper, libtiff and libpopt. Run make to compile it.

If you want to build against a specific include and/or lib path, use

 INCDIR=/your/path/to/include LIBDIR=/your/path/to/libs make

Standard usage

To obtain help:

tiffscan --help

To list known devices:

tiffscan --list-devices

To list backend-specific options:

tiffscan --device .... --help

Simple scan:

tiffscan --device .... --scan

Batch scan:

tiffscan --device .... --scan --batch --paper a4

Batch scan to a single, compressed, multi-page TIFF file

tiffscan --device .... --scan --batch --compress --multi-page

Batch scan, prompt before each page

tiffscan --device .... --scan --batch --batch-prompt

Batch scan to an user-defined file series:

tiffscan --device .... --scan --batch --output-file my-scanned-page-%04d.tif

Advanced usage (coolscan2)

tiffscan --device ... --load
tiffscan --device ... --scan --autofocus --ae-wb
tiffscan --device ... --scan --autofocus --ae-wb --depth=12
tiffscan --device ... --eject

Infrared scanning

(requires experimental coolscan3 driver):

tiffscan --device ... --scan --autofocus --ae-wb --depth=12 --infrared=yes

Once the infrared image is obtained, you can use Ed Hamrick's Vuescan to do cleaning and restoring ( .

Automatic batch scanning from slide autoloader (requires experimental coolscan3 driver) or SANE Evolution:

tiffscan --device ... --scan --batch --autofocus=yes --ae-wb=yes --autoload=yes

This should be enough to start using tiffscan. If you have any question, please write me at