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HackTX 2013

Disclaimer: This project was created during a 24 hour hackathon called HackTX. We as a team won the "Hacker Lounge" prize! http://techzette.com/2013-hacktx-winners-and-finalists/

#Brief Installation Instructions

  • Make sure you have node and postgres installed
  • add a new postgres db called hacktx with a user called adamf (or change the configs in the backend files)
  • cd site/
  • npm install
  • node install_tables.js (when you see Done, ^C)
  • node backend.js (starts the backend api server running on port 3000)
  • in a new window...
  • cd peerjs-server
  • npm install
  • node bin/peerjs --port 8080

After that you should be able to hit localhost:3000 and see it running. When you hit "Dwop", the url will change to have a room number in it, this is what you send to others to download the file from.